From Meth to Life … Celebrating 20 years on!

I went to see a friend of my today whom I hadn’t seen in a while.  I brought a few musical selections ie; 3 C.D.’s with various tracks to share and a #vinyl LP of the live #Rare Earth album, Get Ready, from 1969.  For you music lovers, this album rocks and side 2, which is one song, Get Ready, is an awesome jam of the song and solos of the guitar, bass, drums and keyboard.

So, to complete my thought,  in sharing this music with my friend Stu, I also played some tracks of songs I’ve written and recorded.  One track in particular is a song I wrote back in later 1993 or early 1994.  During those years into late 1995, I lived as a single parent in Lake Elsinore, Ca.  For about a year and a half of that time I was addicted to methamphetamine and my addiction was cut off cold turkey on November 25, 1995.  That day was the last time I used and it was in a restaurant bathroom in Oxnard as we (my parents, my kids and myself) moved up to Morro Bay.

So, during my addiction, I was always praying ( I am a born-again Christian & had fallen back into drinking & using)seeking God, beating myself up all the time and trying to figure out how to stop and get rid of this horrible hell I had gotten myself into.  One night, I had my P.A. system, microphone and keyboard set up in the kitchen.  I was noodling around with some chords, a pattern emerged that I thought sounded cool as well as lyrics that came out easier than most and possibly the most effortless account of penning a lyric to a song ever in my life.  This was the result: (be sure and scroll down below the banner for more on this story.)


This recording was done in 2013, the original recording was in 1996 or 1997.  I was able to get a much better guitar tone and sustain (which the original lacked) and I was pleased with the results.  It is a favorite, probably a top five favorite of mine of all the songs I’ve written.  Much because of the deep personal connection I have to it.

I write this post today after sharing it and the story behind the song with my friend Stu and give a shout out of Praise the Lord who enabled me to be strong in Him, staying away from anyone who used and keep clean while reaping the benefits of sobriety and… as of last Novemeber 26th, celebrate 20 Years clean from the devilish, life killing drug that has kills off and entraps so many in our world today!

I have seen lives destroy, crumbled and completely lost by it and am so blessed to be here today to share my story with you.  I pray that you may be able to share my story here with anyone, someone you know, who may know someone or are themselves in bondage to methamphetamine or any other substance in hopes it may speak to them at their point in life and help break the chains of it in their life.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this, you are appreciated.  Once you’ve listened to “Are You with Me” I would LOVE for you to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text, call or reply back to me here and tell me what you thought…That is always a blessing to me.

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I’m out… Peace, love and good happiness stuff in Jesus,





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