I’m just sayin’ for a friend!

I try to buy and support local business in the community where I live and also do my best to support, repost, re-tweet and “Like” the social media sites of friends of mine.  With that in mind, I bring you an exclusive on a great blog, centered around vegan food that I’m sure is making waves even as I write this post.

So with out further a-doo (hee, hee, he said ‘doo!’) I give you, all the way from Kentucky… my friend Molly Brown’s new web blog:  Color Me Veggie ~

Molly, a former, self-proclaimed “certified sugar-holic” here whole life wanted to change how and what she ate and proceeded to change her eating lifestyle for the better.  Her blog is proof positive that she aimed for and got exactly what she wanted.  You’ll be impressed with her presentation, photographic view points (including the most amazing colors… a total cornucopia of farout ones man) and all the great dishes and treats she comes up with.

Now on a full vegan regimen, where she eats no animal products, dairy, eggs, meat or oils, she  obtains her healthy fats from plants such as avocados, coconuts, nuts and seeds and has tossed out processed sugar & sweets completely.  Molly’s mad scientist like take on experimentation to find new ways of preparing fruits, vegetables, smoothies, snacks, meals like here amazing looking lettuce wraps and more have this big time meat and potato eater salivating at every Instagram post, every day!

So, whether you’re a vegan wanting to check out some exciting new entrées, dig checking out great Instagam profiles or simply want to look at some alternative, healthy ways to change up your lifestyle of eat-conomics (ha, ha…get it? Did I just create a new word?) I am sure you will love what Molly is serving up every day at  Color Me Veggie “Inspiring you to eat the rainbow day!”  Drop by, say “hi”, snag an idea or two and tell her Kevin sent ya!

Well kiddies, that’s it for now, so until next time… I’m out.

Peace, love and good happiness stuff in Jesus,


Side note: During a season of time I and my family lived in Louisville, Kentucky, Molly and I played together on the same worship team at church & with a blessed singer/songwriter Stephen Mc Whirter (now with Iron Bell Ministries) in 2011-12. I believe she is still playing keyboards with him. Molly, please say hey to James for me.






2 thoughts on “I’m just sayin’ for a friend!

    1. Thanks Shari… Molly and her husband are great people. I prolly won’t become a vegan either, however, she makes lots of great looking food that makes one think. Thank you for the “atta-boy.”

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