Happy New Year …

Happy New Year everyone… I hope you all had a wonderful Autumn and Holiday/Christmas season.

You know, some of us grew up and endured the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, some of us were watching or listening to the space shuttle Challenger vault into space, then explode, killing all on board, some of us witnessed the shootings at Columbine High School and some the destruction of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 … In all of those horrible tragedies, we were shocked, stunned, we cried, mourned and yelled aloud… then, we counted the blessings we had in our lives at the time. We pulled up our big-boy pants and capris and moved on with life with a renewed vigor to make better memories and appreciate family, friends and our lives all the more. This, is just what Americans, regardless of color or religion here did and do in these United States of America!

In love, to all those who’ve lost their hope, thrown fits, protested and ranted peacefully, violently and shown zero respect to the incoming President of the United States (I never wanted Carter or Clinton) but, myself and millions of other Americans, who love, honor, respect the voting process and the leaders who advance to office, again, moved on and did the best with whom ever was in office and did our best to keep our country and it’s citizens accountable and prosperous and treated each other as what we wanted to be treated like.

So… If you don’t like the outcome of the election last November 7, 2016 and the additional votes accumulated twice more since then, you can, like many celebrities threatened to do and have now recanted, move somewhere else and see how you like living in another country and see how you fare there!

In conclusion, grow up, hush up and act like the majority of law-abiding, county proud, flag waving “Americans” and do you best to make your lives and the lives of the others around you better. For you have one of two choices:

A. Be Better

B. Be Bitter

I choose Better. Think about it?

God Bless America and all those who dwell within her borders.

I’m out…. Peace, love and good happiness stuff in Jesus,



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