Past, present, balance and something for you?

I am 53, married for a second time for 17 years, a father of 3 (27, 26 & 9), grandfather of 4, a home-schooling dad, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriting, former alcoholic drug addict, born-again Christian who’s been around the block more times than some people and their brother and sister put together!

I am working on balance.  Balance of my life in general which consists of my beautiful wife, my youngest son who lives at home with us, home schooling him, my 2 older children (2 children of their own each), my friends, extended family, my church, playing on the worship team there, my relationship & daily walk with my Lord Jesus and life as I know it.

Whaaaattt!!!  Jesus…. Are you getting religious on me?  Meaning, that’s what some might say who are or have read this post.  I understand.  Hearing someone talk about Jesus used to trip me out and create an awkward look on my face as well…. like when in about 1977, our neighbors in Long Beach, Ca. who live across the alley, literally, came out and asked us if we would like to come over later and “celebrate the birthday of Jesus with them!”  Um, it’s summer lady and you are ‘off you rocker… at least that’s what my dad, brother and I thought and then laughed hardily about once she left.  Not long after that, oh say months, I smoked my first joint and from then forward, I spent 15 years drinking, partying, sleeping around, doing drugs, not making good use of my time, talents and certainly not spending one minute thinking about Jesus.

So, now push forward to May of 1988, the 3rd to be exact, after years of alcohol, drugs, women etc, oh yeah, a failing marriage to boot, I realized my way hadn’t, didn’t and wasn’t working in any shape or form, I cried out and trusted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  There was huge change in much of my life and ways, but I did not surrender all areas of my life over and over the next ten for years (and in there sometimes only seasons) I frittered away much of my life.  During those seasons, I failed to put my time to good use for myself, my family, others and lacked being intentional in creating wonderful memories for myself and my family and a legacy of who I am.

So here we are, in 2017, and over the last approximately 7 years I finally feel with all the trials, tribulations and crap I’ve put myself through and that life in general has brought on, I now have a much grip on being or at least trying to be balanced in thought, action, word and deed.  That being the case, my gift of gab and love for writing turned into a way to express my thoughts, theories and “maybe if’s” into something that may touch someone’s  life in such a way that it could be of some benefit or even a profound change for the better.  Everyone has hurts, habits and hangups and I believe the one and only true filler of that void is God, Romans 1:20, 21   And… the only one who brings true rest and peace is the one who had “all things” handed over to him, Jesus, Matthew 11:27-30 ~

I hope you find it in yourself to really investigate then unpack as they say, just what I am getting at and pointing to in these, the off-beat writings I call “Kev-Uncommon.”

Peace, love and good happiness stuff in Jesus,



One thought on “Past, present, balance and something for you?

  1. You’re a blessin’! You know, you certainly don’t have to fail and fall a thousand times to find Jesus. But for those of us who did, and still fail Him, it sure made finding Him such an extraordinary moment in life! I love serving Jesus! and I love that He put like minded people in my life to encoaurge me. Have a blessed day buddy!!!

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