Hey there,

… thanks so much for stopping by, stumbling upon or purposely checking out my blog!  I am glad you’re here and I hope you really dig the posts I’ve written?  I don’t always post as often as I would like, however, I think it is worth the time to see previous posts from the archives or a new one for sure.

I would love for you to “Hear My Music” … I’ve been writing songs since I was 13 years old and love to hear what people think, so let me know your thoughts!

Be sure to check out All my “pages & links” (for you music lovers, my Must See Links are awesome) for I am confident you will find something (if not a lot) of writings, songs or ideas that encourage you, could be used to uplift someone in your life or simply have a good laugh or enjoy some down-time.

I believe most people, in what I consider to be a lost and dying world, are just like you and me… earnestly searching for relevance, purpose, why we are here, is there a God of the bible & do people really believe He is real?  If you truly would like to know the truth as I see it and the Bible declares it… simply contact me and I would be glad to share with you regardless of the matter.

I daily seek to spread the love of God and the Gospel according to Jesus to those who don’t know Him “as well as bring laughter and joy to all” I come in contact with and I hope that today, that person is you!

Peace, love and good happiness stuff in Jesus…..Kevin


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