The Official Kevin Scholl Music Source

(All instruments & & vocals are by me unless otherwise noted)

I started singing back in about 1972 to the Partridge Family, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Bobby Sherman records and other similar artists. In 1976 my dad bought me my first acoustic guitar and I wrote my first instrumental song. Shortly after that I began writing songs with lyrics and my career as a singer song writer began to progress and gain momentum.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my music. I hope you enjoy it as much as me for it is near and dear to me and it blesses me to see others get into my music. It would be a great honor to me if you would “Follow” me on all my social media pages…

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Listen, enjoy, share about & take in all the songs you can… Thank you so much for your encouragement and support.
My first “Worship” song if you will…

God gave me this song mid-way through my almost two years as a meth addict in 1993/94…


~This next song I wrote for my brother Keith who passed away 12-6-13 ….I Love You Keith~

This is my latest instrumental… I dig this one!


Bill, I am grateful for your talent and friendship...
Bill laying down tracks with me in December of 2012…

Bill Sutherland, a wonderful man & friend, played guitar on these next two tracks. I had a blast and the songs are far better thanks to him…Thank you Bill!

Guess That’s the Way is an old love song from 1986/87, re-recorded in 2012…

Bill displays a George Benson vibe in this one…he laid down both songs in two maybe three takes each and had just heard the songs 30 minutes earlier when he arrived.

A lyric co-collaboration (thanks Julie) on Twitter ~ @InciteFaith


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